"Color Outside The Lines!"

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2woPhaced x UC
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Unchained Creativez is a brand that collaborates with emerging and aspiring creativez of all sorts. We’re a collective of individuals who are involved in everything from clothing, to graphic design and even music. We go wherever our minds decide to take us, expressing our creativity freely. Our message: “COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES!”, which means to behave in creative or unconventional ways, to break the rules.

Art to us is a way to express ourselves without having to explain. We believe our minds are our greatest assets. There’s a lot of emotion, thought, feelings, and energy in each piece any artist creates, from painting to music. Everything you see tells a story.

We’re expected to conform, follow the crowd, do what’s expected. No one ever made history by following the rules. No one did anything great by fitting in. But what happens when you do the unexpected? Greatness! We are the “weirdos”, the black sheep, the outcasts. We do things differently! We do a whole lot of whatever we want! We don’t fit in because we’re meant to stand out.

We influence confidence, creativity, expression, and positivity. Color outside the lines, be BOLD, explore, and DARE to be whoever you want to be.

Unchained Creativez gives us an opportunity to lead in an empowering way; give voices to those who were silenced and ridiculed. We’re building more than just collectibles. We’re paving a lifestyle!


Everything tells a story right? 2woPhaced is the first collection to be featured by Unchained Creativez. 2woPhaced is exactly what it looks like, two faces. As human beings, it’s normal for us to feel a sense of belonging and often times we’ll unconsciously fit into other people’s paradigms so that we’re accepted. 2woPhaced depicts having to continuously change identities depending on your environment. There’s always your true self & then the self you have to be to fit in & belong!

But back to being shallow. Whichever traits merge together, it looks dope!

V i s i o n

2woPhaced x UC 2woPhaced x UC

“WHERE EVER OUR MINDS TAKE US!”… & by that we mean, we leave room for our creativity & passions to be expressed freely, rather than forcing expectations & promises. No rush! No roadmap! No utility! Just dope ideas & good vibes. We're artists first & we will stay true to ourselves, while having fun.

We created Unchained Creativez as the brand and 2woPhaced as a collection, leaving room for Unchained Creativez to grow into more than just another project.

Holders can modify, distribute and use all NFTs by Unchained Creativez WITHOUT any permissions.

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Stay vigilant 👁 Be aware of scams. We will never DM you (unless noted), and the only stealth drops we do are airdrops. If it’s not officially announced by our team, it’s not real.

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